3X3 Sina Elite League Tour

"Basketball Glory, Meet in Macau" is organized by Sina Sports, with sponsorship from Sands Cares and support from Jordan Sports, a top partner. The 3x3 Golden League is an internationally recognized top professional basketball tournament certified by FIBA in China. It is also the current 3x3 basketball tournament in Asia with the highest prize money and the highest level of competition, featuring stars from multiple leagues such as CUBA, NBL, CBA, NCAA, ABL, and more. It is the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world, attracting over 200,000 basketball enthusiasts worldwide since its inception and creating a social media influence worth billions.

young entrepreneur

"The Young Entrepreneur Program" aims to teach children how to build a brand! Whether it's the story concept, brand concept, or design work, children will learn how to give their brand a unique soul. Through this program, we hope that children can learn how to incorporate their own creativity into their future brands.

YUME x RITZ Anniversary Indoor Football Cup

The Yume X Ritz Entertainment Anniversary Indoor Football Cup" is sponsored by the Tak Chun Group. This football competition has also made its way into the "Play Hub Expo", where it held three consecutive days of intense matches. On the first day, the Tak Chun Charity Cup was held, with 16 rounds of intense matches featuring teams from different Macau corporations.

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